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C40 Concrete Mix

Over 2 billion tons of cement are manufactured worldwide each year, showing the crucial role concrete plays in construction. One of the top industrial strength choices available in concrete mixes is the C40 concrete mix, well known for its strength and flexibility. Whether you’re building a high-rise or an industrial pavement, the C40 concrete mix is designed to meet high standards.

At Ready Mix Concrete London, we concentrate on providing top-notch concrete solutions, including the multipurpose C40 concrete mix.

What is C40 Concrete Mix?

C40 concrete mix is a high-performance concrete perfect for large-scale building projects. With a compressive strength of 40 Newtons per square millimetre, it provides excellent durability and functioning. This type of concrete is widely used in structural design integrations where high loads and stress are likely to happen, such as bridges, roads, and massive infrastructure developments.

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Our Services

Catering to every concrete requirement of your construction projects, we cover a range of concrete solutions:

Concrete Supply

Constructing a Formwork

Our agile and on-schedule concrete delivery services ensure a smooth workflow and timely completion of your project.

Concrete Pump Hire

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From small domestic projects to commercial skyscrapers, our efficient and versatile concrete pumps can handle them all.

Waterproof Concrete

waterproof concrete

Designed to withstand extraordinary damping and humidity, we are offering waterproof concrete for versatile applications.

Onsite Mix Concrete

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Based on your concrete requirement, our on-site mix concrete services are designed for long-distance deliveries.

C40 Concrete Mix Ratio

The mix ratio for C40 concrete is typically 1:1:1.5. This means:

  • 1 part cement
  • 1 part fine aggregate (sand)
  • 5 parts coarse aggregate (gravel or crushed stone)

Concrete mix ratios are significant in measuring the strength and longevity of the final product. However, these ratios are common guidelines and can differ depending on individual project criteria and the kind of aggregates used.

Getting the perfect mix ratio requires using top-quality ingredients, such as standard-grade cement and properly graded aggregates.

If you’re working on a concrete project, follow the suggested mix ratios to achieve the ideal results.

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Benefits of Using C40 Concrete Mix

Let’s have a look at the benefits briefly:

High Strength:

With a compression strength of 40 N/mm², C40 concrete is best for structural load-bearing systems.


Its configuration makes it durable against harsh weather conditions, making it usable in both indoor and outdoor scenarios.


Best for a vast range of infrastructure development projects, including commercial, industrial, and residential housing.

Ready Mix Concrete London – Elevating Your Projects

Looking for a concrete supplier in London? Contact our experts to discuss your requirements and witness unmatched concrete delivery services.

Applications of C40 Concrete Mix

C40 concrete mix is perfect for diverse, challenging construction projects, including:

Industrial-Grade Flooring:

Due to its high resistance, C40 concrete is perfect for industrial-grade surfaces that must be put up with special construction machinery and regular use.

Reinforced Building Bases:

Its durability makes it ideal for reinforced base structures that need high load-bearing capacity.

Pedestrian Paths and Motorways

The strength of C40 concrete guarantees permanence and durability in high-traffic volume areas.

Structural Beams and Columns:

It gives the required support for structural beams and columns in monumental buildings and underpasses.

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How Ready Mix Concrete London Stands Out

Selecting Ready Mix Concrete London means going for perfection and trustworthiness.

Here’s what makes us different:

Quality Assurance:

We use top-quality materials and strict quality control methods to ensure higher standards of concrete.

Timely Delivery:

Our competent material transport system assures your concrete is delivered in a timely manner each time.


Adherence to eco-friendly and sustainable practices, reducing our carbon costs through practical industrial ways.

Customer Support:

Customised customer service to answer your queries at any time.

Ready Mix Concrete London – Elevating Your Projects

Looking for a concrete supplier in London? Contact our experts to discuss your requirements and witness unmatched concrete delivery services.

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C40 concrete mix is the best choice for guaranteeing long-lasting construction. Its high strength and flexible applications make it useful for a vast range of projects.

By choosing Ready Mix Concrete London, you guarantee your construction project will benefit from the best materials and services in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about how our C40 concrete mix can meet your construction demands and live up to your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

C40 concrete mix is mainly used for high-demand construction projects such as industrial floors, foundations, and structural frameworks.

Yes, C40 concrete can be applied for residential developments, particularly for areas that need high strength and longevity, such as private roads and load-bearing beams.

C40 concrete usually achieves its maximum strength after 28 days of curing. However, it begins to set and recover within the first couple of days after pouring.

The price of the C40 concrete mix might differ based on the scale of the project and specific conditions. Contact us for a customised estimate.