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Ready-mix concrete is a fundamental and most important construction material. Thanks to its efficiency, excellent quality, and consistency, it is preferred for countless construction projects. Whether it’s for commercial infrastructures, roads, or domestic building foundations, the reliability of ready-mix concrete cannot be overstated.

At Ready mix Concrete London, we provide excellent ready-mix concrete services in Basildon, recognising its significance in the construction world. With our years of industry experience and commitment to excellence, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of ready-mix concrete solutions and aim to deliver quality concrete tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

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Our Services

Catering to every concrete requirement of your construction projects, we cover a range of concrete solutions:

Concrete Supply

Constructing a Formwork

Our agile and on-schedule concrete delivery services ensure a smooth workflow and timely completion of your project.

Concrete Pump Hire

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From small domestic projects to commercial skyscrapers, our efficient and versatile concrete pumps can handle them all.

Waterproof Concrete

waterproof concrete

Designed to withstand extraordinary damping and humidity, we are offering waterproof concrete for versatile applications.

Onsite Mix Concrete

onsite mix

Based on your concrete requirement, our on-site mix concrete services are designed for long-distance deliveries.

How Is Ready-Mix Concrete Made?

Our ready-mix concrete in Basildon is manufactured in the following steps:

Aggregates: First, aggregates of customer’s preferences are taken, which make up almost 60% to 75% of the total concrete mixture. These aggregates can be crushed stones, gravel or sand.

Additives: Afterwards, an additive, a liquid or solid chemical substance, is added to the aggregates to reduce the moisture content of the mix and enhance durability and strength.

Cement and Water: The most important component of pre-mix concrete is the cement that is mix with water (the volume of which is around 15-20%), resulting in a consistent paste.

Mixing: The cement paste is then thoroughly mix with the other components and left for 1-2 days for hardening. This mixture is added to the cement mixer and transported to the work site. The mixer keeps rotating the cement until it reaches the location and becomes ready for pouring.

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Benefits of Ready Mix Concrete

As the leading ready-mix concrete supplier in Basildon, we come with the following benefits:

Sound Quality Because ready-mix concrete is prepared under regulated conditions, it’s components are carefully measured, and it is made with the finest ingredients available, ensuring the finest quality.

Fast Construction: Ready-mix concrete allows you to start construction as soon as it is delivered, with no hassles, as it comes fully prepared.

Fast Zero Waste: There is no waste because ready-mix concrete is created to match your precise requirements. After a concrete building is taken down, the concrete can be recycled and crushed into small aggregates that can be used for other purposes.

Customisation: We provide bespoke concrete solutions that can be altered to guarantee that the final result is ideal for the task to be done.

Less Dust Pollution: Because the concrete mix is already wet and dust is properly managed during manufacturing in batching plants, there is no dust pollution.

Affordable Cost: Rather than purchasing each component that goes into making concrete, you can pay less for fully prepared concrete.

Time-Saving: Purchasing ready mix concrete saves the time required for manual mixing of the ingredients.

Ready Mix Concrete London – Elevating Your Projects

Looking for a concrete supplier in London? Contact our experts to discuss your requirements and witness unmatched concrete delivery services.

Ready Mix Concrete Cost

The ready-mix concrete cost is significantly impacted by many factors. However, on average, expect to pay £65 to £85 per m³.

Factors Affecting the Ready mix Concrete Cost

  • Type of concrete
  • Quality of concrete
  • Distance from the plant to the work site
  • Additive types

To get a precise cost estimate, contact the leading ready-mix concrete suppliers in Basildon.

Ready-mix Concrete
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For all your ready mix concrete needs, choose the most reliable company and contact our specialists today to discuss your project requirements, request a quote, and take the first step towards a stronger, more efficient, and reliable construction process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready-mix concrete combines water, cement and aggregates (usually stones, sand, gravel).
To speed up the curing time of ready-mix concrete, you can add additives, which will promote hydration and allow the concrete to dry faster.
Ready-mix concrete is environmentally friendly, saves time and cost, and has the finest quality, making it an excellent option for all construction projects.