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C10 Concrete Mix

Ready Mix Concrete London offers a versatile solution for C10 concrete mix, which is widely used in construction projects. We aim to empower your construction ideas with a premium quality concrete mix that makes your buildings enduring.

We are dedicated to providing top-quality C10 concrete mix to ensure quality and consistency in every batch. These are the cornerstones of our service. Our team of experts not only adds unique value to your project but also comprehends the importance of quality, reliability, and efficiency for domestic purposes. Our C10 concrete mix ensures the necessary attributes for successful foundational work, paving, or other non-structural projects.

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Catering to every concrete requirement of your construction projects, we cover a range of concrete solutions:

Concrete Supply

Constructing a Formwork

Our agile and on-schedule concrete delivery services ensure a smooth workflow and timely completion of your project.

Concrete Pump Hire

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From small domestic projects to commercial skyscrapers, our efficient and versatile concrete pumps can handle them all.

Waterproof Concrete

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Designed to withstand extraordinary damping and humidity, we are offering waterproof concrete for versatile applications.

Onsite Mix Concrete

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Based on your concrete requirement, our on-site mix concrete services are designed for long-distance deliveries.

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Technicalities of C10 Concrete

To denote the strength class of a particular mixture, we use C as a parameter. C10 concrete mainly refers to the strength of concrete, which is 10 N/mm² at 28 days. It has a mix ratio of 1:3:6.

  • 1 part cement
  • 3 parts sand (fine aggregate)
  • 6 parts aggregate(coarse)
  • Water is added as per its needs

Different Uses of C10 Concrete Mix

You can use C10 concrete mix in various applications because of its efficiency and flexibility.

Domestic Concrete Foundations: Domestic concrete foundations are not too deep or wide, and they do not require greater strength. This makes our C10 the finest choice for these kinds of purposes.

Flooring: The C10 mix is suitable for flooring as it goes over the subflooring and foundation without requiring much strength.

Filling: C10 concrete is used for filling purposes because of its good workability. Its low strength and flexibility make it suitable for a few structural works, such as filling.

Drainage Works: C10 concrete is the preferred mixture for drainage work to create channels that direct water runoff away from structures and paved areas.

Shallow Foundations: C10 mix is often used to fill shallow foundations, which eliminates the need for brick.

C10 concrete is also used for blinding house floors, non-aggressive ground conditions, cavity fill, mass fill, kerbing, and haunching.

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Frequently Asked Questions

C10 concrete (Gen 1 concrete) is an incredibly flexible mix usually used for buildings or houses, including unreinforced strips, patio slabs, pathways, trench fill, and agricultural work.

Driveway requires more strength to withstand the weight of vehicles, so you should not use C10 concrete. To prevent cracks and deterioration, it is recommended that a higher-strength concrete mix, such as C20, C25, or C30, be used.

The C10 concrete mix ratio can be adjusted as per your requirements, but it is recommended to do this carefully. The ratio limits the amounts of cement, sand, aggregate, and water, which directly affect the strength of the material.

C10 concrete mix depends on several factors, such as temperature, stickiness, and design. Nevertheless, it takes some hours after you have made a mixture.

There are multiple requirements for a concrete mix design:

  • Characteristic strength
  • Workability levels
  • Quality control at the site
  • Weather conditions
  • Influence of exposure conditions
  • Batching and mixing techniques
  • Quality of material
  • Specific needs like setting times, early strength, or flexural strength