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C25 Concrete Mix

Concrete, a vital construction material, boasts durability, strength, and adaptability across numerous applications. Among concrete mix ratios, C25 stands out for its exceptional benefits. In the UK, a specific blend of ingredients is employed to achieve this value, marking it as part of a standardised method for categorising concrete mixes based on compressive strength. The designation “25” indicates the desired compressive strength in megapascals after 28 days of curing.

For a reliable C25 concrete supply, trust Ready Mix Concrete London. Our expert team meticulously crafts the perfect C25 mix ratio tailored to your needs. With our bespoke approach, you receive precisely the quantities required, eliminating the hassle of overordering or underordering.

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Catering to every concrete requirement of your construction projects, we cover a range of concrete solutions:

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Our agile and on-schedule concrete delivery services ensure a smooth workflow and timely completion of your project.

Concrete Pump Hire

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From small domestic projects to commercial skyscrapers, our efficient and versatile concrete pumps can handle them all.

Waterproof Concrete

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Designed to withstand extraordinary damping and humidity, we are offering waterproof concrete for versatile applications.

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Based on your concrete requirement, our on-site mix concrete services are designed for long-distance deliveries.

Features of Our C25 Concrete Mix Ratio

  • Often referred to as ST2 concrete mix, C25 boasts a moderate cement concentration, striking a balance between strength and workability.
  • It can bear compressive forces of 25MPa after 28 days.
  • Whether used for foundation laying or other infrastructure projects, C25 concrete offers durability and resilience.
  • Its compressive strength of 25MPa enables it to endure extreme weather conditions and heavy loads.
  • One of the distinguishing features of C25 concrete is its reduced water content, which results in a drier and stronger mixture, making it well-suited for general domestic tasks.
  • For vigorous foundation filling, C25 concrete mix is an excellent option.
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Applications of C25 Concrete Mix Ratio

ST2 Concrete offers a wide range of applications in various construction and agricultural needs as follows:

  • Footings for Fence Posts
  • External Furniture Bases
  • Farming Applications
  • Domestic Floors
  • Domestic Foundations
  • Infilling Around Manholes
  • Drainage Works
  • Mass Concrete Fill
  • Trench Fill Foundations
  • Non-Structural Concreting

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How Do Our Experts Achieve the Perfect Mix Ratio for a Concrete Project?

Opt for Premium Ingredients

We at Ready Mix Concrete London ensure the quality of your ingredients by selecting top-tier ingredients that meet industry standards. Our experts use clean, well-graded aggregates and fresh water to prevent impurities from compromising your mix.

Precise Measurement Matters

Our engineers meticulously take care to calculate your ingredients, considering the use of scales for added precision.

Leverage the Power of a Concrete Mixer

We utilise a concrete mixer as an ally in achieving an ideal mix ratio. It facilitates thorough blending of ingredients, ensuring a homogeneous mixture devoid of weak spots or inconsistencies.

Adhere to Mix Ratio Guidelines

Our experts follow mix ratio guidelines diligently, maintaining the correct proportions of cement, fine aggregates, and coarse aggregates. We consider conducting a trial mix beforehand to validate your ratios before commencing the main project.

Benefits of Ready Mix
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Keep an Eye on the Slump Test

The slump test is crucial for assessing the consistency of the concrete mix. We check the slump after mixing to fine-tune the mix ratio and achieve the desired consistency.

Benefits of ST2 Concrete

Cost-Effectiveness: C25 concrete provides ample strength while using less cement, making it a cost-effective option.

Enhanced Freeze-Thaw Resilience: In cold weather, it demonstrates increased resistance to freeze-thaw cycles, ensuring it can bear freezing temperatures without any potential damage.

Consistent Performance: Its precise mix proportions produce uniform performance in different consignments, facilitating operative construction and planning.

Reduced Shrinkage: Using C25 concrete minimises the risk of shrinkage-related cracks, contributing to creating more durable infrastructure.

Time Efficiency: The concrete mix ratio balances the work schedule, ultimately benefiting project deadlines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The mix design for C25 concrete dictates the proportions of its ingredients. Specifically, the mix ratio for C25 concrete is 1:2:4. This signifies that for each unit of cement used, there is a double amount of fine aggregate and four times the amount of coarse aggregate.

C25 concrete usually requires approximately 24 to 48 hours to dry sufficiently. However, concrete drying is continuous and dynamic, with its full effective strength typically attained around 28 days after pouring.

Manual mixing may not achieve the homogeneity and durability of machine mixing, particularly for C25 concrete. Ready Mix Concrete London employs advanced mechanical mixers for optimal blending and consistency.

You can easily obtain a price estimate through our free price estimator tool. Input your project details, such as the quantity required and delivery location, and our estimator will provide you with a cost estimate tailored to your specific needs.